I dag er vi stolte over å dele at kunder til MONTE NAPOLEONE TAILOR kan tilpasse sine egne skjorter i komforten av sofaen hjemme. Vi er overbevist om at alle i det 21. århundre bør kunne kjøpe en skjorte der riktig lengde kan bestilles uten ekstra tilleggs- eller skjulte kostnader. Vi kommer alle i forskjellige… Continue reading Framtid


Today we´re proud to share that customers of MONTE NAPOLEONE TAILOR can customize their own shirts in the comfort of their sofa at home. We strongly believe that, in the 21st century everyone should be able to buy a shirt where the right length can be ordered without any extra additional, or hidden costs. We… Continue reading Future


Half of humanity in in lockdown to prevent the spread of deadly of the COVID-19 virus. Many fashion businesses struggle to survive. We were afraid that it was just a matter of time before it was our turn, so we quickly decide to overturn our business concept and reconstructed our ecommerce solution.


Mr. Vincentzo saw a new market opportunity; Norway, inspired by the peaceful and beautiful country, he started to design and changed some measurements to fit The Scandinavian Man.  MONTE NAPOLEONE was established and managed by DC Garment agency. It became the new Head Sales office in Oslo, Norway.


Mr. Vincentzo´s mother past away in late Autumn, which him to moved home to Italy, and close down all businesses outside Treviso for few years.


The financial crisis was the primary causes for why many of our businesses had to close down. It was hard to keep the cost of logistics low, so Mr. Vincentzo decided to outsource production outside Italy, and found many great shirts factories in East European countries and in Asia. But he insisted tokeep the family… Continue reading 2008


MONTE NAPOLEONE developed a new fit, which we today call the“Slim Fit” model. Contrary to the classic style of the shirts at the time, which was very baggy MONTE NAPOLEONE show the world that men would look more attractive and elegant in more fitted shirts. Monte Napoleone opened more than seven flagship boutiques in Treviso,… Continue reading 1999


Followed by the stock crashes in USA in the early 90s. MONTE NAPOLEONE went from great success in New York and Washington to almost going bankrupt. As the result, the company decided to moveback to Italy and expand within European countries.


Mr. Vincentzo saw an opportunity when the Bull Market in USA began. Highly optimism Mr. Vincentzo moved to Broadway in New York to open a small tailoring “boutique” looking store to sell business suits, shirts and ties to Wall Street brokers. MONTE NAPOLEONE met hard competition from many other established Italian and American brand during… Continue reading 1983


When Mr. Vincentzo moved to the fashion capital of Milan he renamed his private label to MONTE NAPOLEONE. From his twenty square meters boutique in Via Monte Napoleone he was able to sell more of his shirts collections. Why name it Monte Napoleone? He choosen the name MONTE NAPOLEONE  because it marked his footprints as… Continue reading 1977